Barbra Moss

After suffering from chronic knee pain at 19 due to an accident Babs visited an acupuncturist who successfully helped resolved her symptoms. The same acupuncturist then helped cure her insomnia. Finding the treatment to be so effective Babs decided to study at The London School of Acupuncture a subject that fascinates her to this day.

‘I enjoy the unique challenges that each of my patients bring, and it is important for me to impart knowledge to empower them with the healing process.’

Babs has been an acupuncturist for over 25 years and prides herself on her approach of creating bespoke acupuncture treatments for all of her  clients.

A specialist in woman’s health, fertility and pregnancy as well as common complaints, from musculoskeletal issues to digestive problems. Babs has helped many people with her combination of Chinese acupuncture and massage. She is also highly regarded for her cosmetic/skincare acupuncture which helps increase circulation, reduce fine lines and lift the face.